All Your Pet Asks for In A Soft Dog Crate- All You Need To Know

Soft Dog Crate- All You Need To KnowSoft dog crates are designed to offer pets ultimate comfort and safety when in transit or in the house. There is quite a wide variety of soft dog crates in the market to suit different kind of pets and needs. However, these come in a variety of shapes and designs depending on the kind of features that one are looking for.


Dog crates come in a wide variety of sizes. The kind of size that you decide to go for entirely depends on the size of your pet. It would be awkward to get a small sized dog crate for a large pet. The discomfort the animal would have to endure while in there is immense. It is advisable to select one that allows the pet to stand up on all its fours and also stretch out while lying on its tummy.


It is wise to take a keen look on the joints, edges, zippers, flooring and panels. Some pets are smart and eventually learn how to open the crates. In this case, choose a crate that is double zipped and have a lock on it. Some crates are made of tough material while others are made of delicate fabric. For durability, it is advisable for one to go for one that is made of a tough exterior fabric to guard against wear and tear. A crate with strong and secure carry handles is also a bonus.

Quality of the Interior

Choose a soft dog crate with an absorbent padded flooring. A pet might have accidents, especially on road trips. The urine needs to be absorbed by the crate’s floor pads to keep it dry and comfortable. The wall material should also be breathable and able to allow air to flow in and out of the crate.

Bonus Features

Some crates are created with special features for amusement of the pet and ease of management for the owner. Some are expandable, others come in a pentagon kind of shape for space, others are collapsible for easy storage and others can be secured as car seats for safety when on the road. Some dog crates come with a litter box and feeding bowl while others don’t.

Pros of Soft Dog Crates

Soft dog crates can easily be collapsed and stored away under the bed or closet hence save on space. This is unlike hard sided dog crates whereby they remain as they are even in storage hence occupy more space.

Soft crates are fitted with one or more panels made of plastic mesh which facilitate easy ventilation and flow of air which is unlike hard sided crates. This kind of setting is also amusing and entertaining to a pet as they can see the world around them which eliminates boredom.

Soft crates are also less expensive as compared to hard dog crates. Because of the flexible material, they also come in a variety of shapes and designs.

These kind of crates offer protection to the animals in a car travelling on a bumpy road or in case of an accident. The pet is offered soft padding on all four walls in both cases hence less injury.

However, it is important to note that putting a pet in a roomy crate when house training might turn out bad for you. Too much room means that the dog might use one corner to relieve itself. When shopping for a dog crate, choose one that gives more value for you money after meeting all the basic requirements.